a new black arts movement march 16

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join us this month as we celebrate revolutionary matriarchy
@Bed Stuy Super Club 613 Jefferson Avenue 
third black sunday March 16th 4pm $10 $7 advance

we are building towards a revolutionary matriarchal future, which will be the opposite of patriarchy, not its mirror image. matriarchy will be a revolutionary future, in which social construct of gender is eliminated and humanity is re-socialized, in which values of caring, nurturance, creativity, compassion and collectivity prevail. we denounce gynocide: the ways that capitalism and white supremacy have attempted to break the spirit of struggle by inflicting violence upon and de-valuing womyn and all we represent.

featuring performances and talks by
Kai Diata 
Audry Funk 
Kanya D'Almeida 
Ayanna R'auf
Queen Pepsi of Universal Zulu Nation 
Harrabic Tubman of Existence is Resistance 
Urban Art Beat
hosts Augustina Warton & Namibia of Art is Love & Action 

dj sss (spiritchild)

more TBA like live puppets, participatory art, live visual arts etc 


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