Dj/soul selecting performances 

spiritchild (dj sss) deejays/soul selects emotions. dj sss channels the mood, taps into the collective consciousness and evokes the feelings you desire. By redefining genres and expectations of what you are conditioned to hear, turning you on to new artists, new sounds and new waves. dj sss introduces and remixes vibrations that resonate with the soul. From Funk, Hip Hop to the rhythms of South Africa, from Reggae to Eastern European Balkan sounds, from Afro Beat to ambient Lounge Music. spiritchild takes you on a musical world trip that stimulates you and everyone in the space to let go of inhibitions, dance like no one is watching and express yourself in complete freedom.



You’re Not Far (from the Eclipse of Hope LP)

a dedication to Hani and his unification


I love you


I write a word for each second we can’t touch

The sweetest love it hurts we can’t touch

I still push

We were united through ancient dust

Divided by governments

Revolution in front of us

The body is supplement

But when you sleep on cold prison floors

It helps to know I laid next to you keeping warm

And when you trapped behind these prison walls

Its good to know we traveled with no ceilings kissing the storm

Your face calm with the light of the moon

Midnight liking to you

These memories keep me fighting for you

And when its through, I’ll be right next to you

I never left, will never leave

You the air that I breathe (inhale)

Until we free I proceed with the sharpest of speed

But with the wisdom of the trees

Listen to the breeze that’s me,

The rhythm speech on your skin

Raindrops kissing your chin

For us the reason that I’m here

And I’ll do it again.


I’m coming you’re not far,

In a distance, waiting on…

I’m coming you’re not far,

Resistance, holding on…


What’s that ohhh,


Today, I heard your voice,

I’m not sure but its too soon to be diagnosed with disorders

Had a dream we were crossing through borders

Sweeping up check points

Crashing there quarters new beginnings

Where we free to love again.

Toasting up,

A celebration that was long enough to predict

We sick and tired but worse we tired of being sick

Then I awake wiping the sweat off my forehead

Doing more calisthenics getting headaches instead

Of getting energy fed,

I’m getting enemy red

So I could move through the battle field without too many dead

There's too many words said

Enough songs for the head

When is time for these lines

To actualize what I’ve said

I feel stuck, travel through quicksands more progress

Then being trapped in this lions den

Using this cold mud as my pen

I ain’t happy now, I wasn’t happy then

At least then I had you to help me through

No more struggle got to win.


I’m coming you’re not far,

In a distance, waiting on…

I’m coming you’re not far,

Resistance, holding on…





Lyrics written by spiritchild of Mental Notes

©® Dec 4th 2007multi creations music publishing ASCAP

music by Ramallah Underground

a dedication to Hani and his unification

from the Eclipse of Hope LP xspiritmental records