The art of sound selecting

The art of sound selecting

‘Keep the blood pumping. Hit them with something. Give the club substance.’ 

-  ‘She be freedom’, Eclipse of Hope, spiritchild


Technology and computerization make us dj’s/soul selectors a dying breed and spaces to exchange frustrations and joys, techniques and stories limited. No Pandora, Spotify or iPod playlist can tap into the emotions of people like another human being can. A dj displays the craft of human contact and interaction, motivates the movement and presence of the crowd and is the ultimate facilitator. As a dj it is important to be aware of our purpose, to know our herstory/history, where we come from and where we are going. Courage is needed to offer food for the soul by mixing rhythms and blending sounds that can alter the mood and intensify the atmosphere, by first of all loving what you play and playing what you love. In this workshop we will discuss how to push the crowd, be creative, embrace failure and believe in our sound and skills by reflecting on the following points: 


What is the purpose of a dj/soul selector?

What are the techniques used to liven up a party?

How can you manipulate frequencies to create the kind of mood you want in the space?

How do you deal with challenging and interruptive behavior behind the decks/1 & 2’s?

How can you assert yourself and ask for what you are worth?


This workshop is for the dj/soul selector who wants to move the crowd, move their soul and not lose themselves in the process. 





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